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In dulci jubilo   a recording to support the organ restoration                          

see below for track samples              see below for some recent comments


Track samples


  [9]  Gerald Near (b.1942) — Six variants on Es ist ein’ Ros’ entsprungen
[Birnamwood Publications] 1:42

  [14] Robert Ampt (b.1948) — Australian Christmas Suite for Organ: Carol of the Birds [Birralee Publishing] 0:48
  [19] Raynor Taylor (1747 – 1825) — Variations on Adeste Fideles [Belwin Mills] 0:58
  [25] Guy Bovet (b.1942) — Chorale Prelude: Den die Hirten lobten sehre [Cantante Domino] 0:48
  [29] Denis Bédard (b.1950) — Variations sur «In dulci jubilo» [Editions Cheldar] :51













A few unsolicited comments.....

1    The recording sounds very good.... the program is delightful, and you play it well! The singers sound very good, too.  I am impressed that it is a fine organ and deserves every effort to preserve it.....  Among 19th-century organs, I'm sure that Hill organs are among the best made
in the world.....

2   Congratulations on your CD. It really is first class. What a wonderful range of different sounds and beautiful combinations, especially in Ampt's "The Silver Stars". There you created a fabulous, shimmering texture to your playing that is very rarely heard - perhaps because few organs or organists can produce it. Before I listened to it I thought that 29 different pieces would be too light on, insubstantial. But they are not, thanks in part to the way you have bound the program together with "In Dulci Jubilo" and "Es ist ein Ros" and the lovely singing......I had not previously heard of some of the nineteenth century French pieces.

3    ....It's absolutely gorgeous. Wonderful idea to have the little moments of Song Co. It throws the organ into relief. Not sure if its you or the instrument but the quality and variety of the organ sound is really beautiful - and this is from one who is not over-fond of organs in general! There is a lovely balance and sweetness and its wonderfully detailed and complex in dynamic/voicing. Its a triumph, and a great snapshot of that organ which should help the general fundraising....

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